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Guy Brooksbank and  Claude Laviano

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Robbie Laws

Robbie Laws is one of the most decorated and in demand blues guitarists in the Pacific Northwest. He has been honored with 21 Portland Cascade Blues Association Muddy Awards, nine of which were for ‘Best Electric Guitarist",  the ‘Best Blues Act 2010' award from the Seattle based Washington Blues Society and most recently, the 'Outstanding Achievement in Blues' award from the Portland Music Association in 2011.  The Robbie Laws Band won the prestigious 'Journey to Memphis' competition in Portland, Oregon on July 4, 2011 as the top regional act and will go on to represent the Cascade Blues Association and the Pacific Northwest at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee the first week of February 2012.

Lynn Darroch
Darroch’s work is drawn from experience: music journalism for magazines and newspapers (The Oregonian and Jazz Times), cultural history (The Encyclopedia of United States Popular Culture and the Afterword to Jumptown: the Golden Years of Portland Jazz), college teaching and radio broadcasting.



Alfredo Muro
His Repertoire ranges from classical music to Latin American and Spanish music, and from the Beatles, Baden Powell and Jobim, to Bach and Handel. Mr. Muro has a special love of Brazilian music. He has studied and mastered the intricate styles of Choro, Samba, Frevo, Bossa Nova and Afro-samba and interprets many South American composers such as Villa-Lobos, Barrios and Lauro with aplomb.

Peri Soto

John Stowell
John is a unique jazz guitarist influenced as much by pianists and horn players as he is by guitarists. His original take on harmony, chords and improvisation sets him apart.

My Mental Island
The beginning of My Mental was back in 2006 when Staci and Jon got together to fuse both of their amazing talents into one spectacular result. With Staci being the creative writer, and Jon being the guitar extraordinaire. They were creating music that not only could catch your ear, stand on its own, but make you dance, laugh…cry. ....
Bridgetown Underground

Belinda Underwood

Portland-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Belinda Underwood sings original tales about life on Earth, while playing the baritone ukulele and keyboard bass pedals with her feet.

Rebecca McDade
Rebecca McDade, originally from Scotland, has been performing since the age of eight.  Along with musical theater, Rebecca is also plays piano and guitar, as well as writing her own songs. Her song “Tidal Wave” is featured in the soundtrack of the documentary The Shepherds of Helmand, that premiered in Portland in February, 2011.

Cornel Pewewardy
Dr. Cornel Pewewardy combines creativity and a musical ear to produce traditional and contemporary Indigenous music that appeals to a broad range of audience tastes. Either playing his native flute or singing Southern Plains' songs on the "big drum," his music conveys a sense of serenity, beauty, and harmony between nature and humanity. Cornel's music is a reflection of a tribal knowledge base—always learning and honing his music, and finding personal peace through the creation of pleasing songs. Oyate Ump Moni is Dr. Cornel Pewewardy's Dakota name. Meaning "a leader among the people," he received this name through a Dakota name-giving ceremony while he was living in Minnesota. Cornel is Comanche and Kiowa and enrolled member of the Comanche Tribe of Oklahoma.

Louis Pain
Musician & Record Producer at King Louie & Baby James

Mike Horsfall
Mike Horsfall has enjoyed a successful and diverse musical career for over 25 years, serving as an educator, composer, arranger, recording artist and concert soloist.

David Evans

Gabriel Ayala
Classical Guitarist.  A member of the Yaqui people of southern Arizona, Gabriel Ayala is at the forefront of a new generation of Native Americans making a career performing classical music. He began playing the guitar as a child.
HomeSpun Websites
Full service web development and Interactive Development from start to finish.  Hands Down did voice over and radio ads for client.

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